【作者】 李文彪; 程宏辉; 韩兴博; 吴长乐; 陆沉;

【机构】 扬州大学机械工程学院; 中国科学院上海应用物理研究所; 扬州大学测试中心;

【摘要】 随着人们对氢能研究的不断深入,新型储氢材料也在持续出现,但如何获得新型储氢材料的储氢性能一直是困扰人们的问题之一。在储氢材料的相关测试曲线当中,能较好表征储氢材料性能的是PCT曲线。采用Lab VIEW软件编写PCT曲线测试程序可以有效缩短开发时间,提高编程效率。本文主要介绍了储氢材料PCT曲线测试的原理和基本流程,并且详细阐述了通过图形化编程语言Lab VIEW软件实现PCT曲线测试过程中的阀门自动开启与关闭,测试数据和测试曲线实时输出的功能。结果表明:Lab VIEW软件编程方便快捷,能够通过软件操作完成PCT曲线的自动测试。

【关键词】 储氢材料; PCT曲线; Lab VIEW软件;
LabVIEW software applications in hydrogen storage materials PCT curve test
[Author] Liwen Biao; Cheng Honghui; Hanxing Bo; Wu Changle; the swallowing;

[Agencies] Mechanical Engineering, Yangzhou University; Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics; Yangzhou University Testing Center;

Abstract With the deepening of hydrogen energy research, the new hydrogen storage materials also continued to appear, but how to get the hydrogen storage properties of new hydrogen storage materials has been one of the problems plagued the people. In a related test curve of hydrogen storage materials which can better characterize the hydrogen storage material properties of the PCT curve. Lab VIEW software is written using PCT curve test programs can effectively shorten the development time and improve programming efficiency. This paper describes the hydrogen storage material PCT curve measurement principles and basic processes and elaborated achieve PCT test curve through graphical programming language Lab VIEW software process valve automatically open and close, test data and test curve of real-time output function . The results showed that: convenient Lab VIEW software programming, to complete the automatic test PCT curve using the software operation.

Key words hydrogen storage material; PCT curve; Lab VIEW software;