LabVIEW访问Oracle数据库在MES中的应用 LabVIEW access Oracle database application in the MES

【作者】 郭全民; 李东; 王健;

【机构】 西安工业大学电子信息工程学院;

【摘要】 通过放大变换测试系统,研究如何将产品测试信息上传到数据库中,实现产品信息的查阅及测试指令的下达。通过结合使用LabVIEW[1]和现场制造执行系统(MES)实现的对被测产品的数据采集和数据上传,并将测试数据保存到Oracle数据库中。通过使用LabVIEW中的Data base工具包,了解如何使用简单的SQL语言实现对Oracle数据库中数据的操作及与Oracle数据库的连接。通过局域网实现对Oracle数据库中被测产品指令的下达以及被测数据的插入、更新、删除等操作,从而实现对被测产品的远程监控[2]。最终使用LabVIEW软件编写操作界面实现对被测系统的控制。

【关键词】 虚拟仪器; 制造执行系统; Oracle数据库; 数据采集; 测试系统;

LabVIEW access Oracle database application in the MES
[ Author] Guo Quanmin ; Dong ; WANG Jian ;

[ Agencies ] Electronic Information Engineering, Xi’an University of Technology ;

Abstract by enlargement conversion test system , study how to upload information to the database product testing , inspection and test instructions issued realization of product information. By using LabVIEW binding [ 1 ] and on-site manufacturing execution systems (MES) to achieve the measured product data acquisition and data upload and save the test data to the Oracle database. By using LabVIEW in Data base kit , learn how to use simple SQL language of Oracle data in the database operation and connection to the Oracle database. Issued by the Local Area Network to the Oracle database product tested instructions and insert the measured data , update, and delete operations , enabling remote monitoring of the tested products [ 2 ] . End-use LabVIEW software development interface to achieve control of the system under test .

Key words virtual instrument ; manufacturing execution system ; Oracle Database ; data acquisition ; test system ;